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the NUDE:Paradise of Pin-Up vol1,2 | Makoto Ohrui (editor) | Fiction inc, 1984-1985

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8vo, softcover, FIRST EDITION. The first volume has a slight crease along the spine, a small impact damage on the back of the cover always along the spine and also slight rubbing along the edges and a slight fading on the spine. The edges of the pages are generally yellowed and the inside of the volume presents occasional light dirt.The second volume presents slight rubbing along the edges of the cover, some dirt on the back cover and on the spine and light folds along the spine. The inside of the volume has stains on the second cover and on the first page as well as on the back cover. From the top of the book the cover seems slightly detached from the spine. However the binding is OK and it seems a minor production defect. The rest of the volume is generally clean.