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Photo Nude Primer (Nyumon) | Tanaka Masao | Ars, 1950

68 EUR / In stock.
8vo, hardcover with dustjacket, FIRST EDITION. The dust jacket of the volume has rubbings, scratches, peelings particularly the at the top of the spine and folds along the upper edge of the back cover. Dust jacket also has a small one-centimeter tear on the upper edge of the back cover. The cover of the volume is slightly discolored, scratched and with light creases in the lower middle of cover side. The inside of the book is generally clean except for the first pages and the last pages that are stained. Moreover there is a price in pencil on the page of the title. The volume being a book of photographic technique has many parts written (in japanese). The binding presents signs from browsing and age but it is still in good condition. In addition, the last page is slightly deformed along the binding.