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Nude photo masterpiece collection | Ozaki Sankichi | Fujin Bunkasha, 1951

78 EUR / In stock.
Square 8vo, hardcover with dustjacket. The dust jacket has a lot of damage due to rubbing, small tears and small folds, especially along the edges. It also has a 3 cm rip on the cover side from the upper edge. The dust jacket has also been repaired with the application of a strip of paper, has a lot of dirt and a long tear along one edge of the spine side of the cover due to consumption. The cover of the book is stained along the edges as well as the first and last white pages. On the first page is also applied to the sticker of a library. The interiors are slightly dirty with black on the white parts, they show occasional spots and some lines of unspecified origin. book, written part. Text in japanese. The second part alternates texts with black and white photographs.