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Family nude | Shoji Otake | Asahi Sonorama, 1977

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8vo, hardcover with dustjacket, FIRST EDITION. Regarded as the most groudbreaking photo series by Shoji Ootake, "Family nude" depicts artistic images of housewives, office ladies and families. First broadcast from 1971 fo the subsequent 5 years with a dedicated program on Nippon Television, it was then gathered (partially?) in this rare book. This copy has the dustjacket with a crease along the bottom edge, cover side, as well as a discoloration in the same zone. It also has rubbings, some slight dents, especially on the lower edge of the spine, and on the top edge of the cover side. The dustjacket on back cover side has a rip of about one centimeter. The inside of the book is clean. The first part of the book contains some color photos and a long, about half of the book, written part. The second part alternates texts with black and white photographs. Text in japanese.